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MIDYUM: Where we are all connected

The fate of humanity is intertwined, weaved in the fabric that is society- one way or another. Sometimes the strings that tie us seem invisible, but that doesn't mean the links are not there.

Our actions and choices have dire effects to our environments and the lives of everyone else. You and I affect each other no matter how minuscule, near or far.

In Midyum, we find intersectionality and confront things- from the seemingly trivial to the ones that society thinks are as taboo as can be.

In Midyum, we find voice. We serve as a conduit to things that must be echoed and amplified as loud as possible, to reach as many souls as we could get.

In Midyum, we are all connected.

First issue out September 20th. Dare to speak your mind. Dare to be a Midyum.

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